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YAKELUS Specialized Matryoshka Brand, 7-Piece Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls, Frigid Zone Linden, Gift and Toy

Specification: 20cm for 7 pieces, Production process: artifact for the whole process Opening way: break it from the middle do not twist it Uses: gift, toy Brand introduction: YAKELUS is a specialized brand (Russian matryoshka), specializing in the production of matryoshka Russian, the whole process is manufactured. Company history: After 15 years of evolution, we are equipped with 230 excellent painters, 200 carpenters, products of excellent quality and affordable price, sold to all countries of the world.


  • YAKELUS is a specialized Matryoshka brand
  • Artifact
  • High quality linden
  • Excellent painters
  • Factory direct sale

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