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Lose weight. Gain muscle. No Gym Subscriptions
Whether you’re a gym regular or beginner, with over 150+ exercise variations, our adjustable tension set is all you need to get an athlete’s grade workout anywhere today.

✅ Adjustable tension for a Full Body, High Intensity, muscle stimulation at any level.
✅ Significantly reduces the probability of injury.
✅ Compact, ready for travel, and affordable.
✅ Perfect for stretching, warming up, or cooling down.

Why Workout With Adjustable Tension?

Doctors & Fitness Experts recommend resistance-bands as a top gym alternative to lose weight and build strength safely.

Engineered to satisfy every individual need (no matter the level).

Hometoner's premium resistance set comes with 5 adjustable resistance levels (10lb-125lb) and unlike dumbbells, bars, and kettle bells resistance is progressive, causing less impact on your joints.

Have the full confidence to push, while still decreasing the probability of common injuries getting the maximum out of every workout, every time.

Never Miss a Workout
No matter if it is a purse, travel language, or backpack, the combination of an odor resistance travel bag (fits in the palm of your hand) and a door anchor will allow you to quickly set up and perform a full-body workout anywhere, at any time.

Over 150 + Exercises
If your focus is balance, compound exercises, or muscle isolation, our signature memory foam handles and ankle straps are perfect to safely perform a wide combination of arms, chest, back, hips, abs, and legs exercises.

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