Fidgetarian - Anti-stress cube with 6 different functions, mod. V2, high ...

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Fidgetarian - Anti-stress cube with 6 different functions, mod. V2, high quality, color: camouflage green



  • • On the first side there are five buttons, if you like to press the pen you can test this function, there are three buttons that produce a sound and two more silent.
  • '• The second surface is a rotary axis that simulates a "Joystick".
  • • The third side is a switch that can be turned on and off continuously. • The fourth side can relieve fatigue by repeated friction with the finger.
  • • The fifth surface has a sphere and three knobs and, according to some studies, the continuously rotating balls can bring a good mood.
  • • The last surface is a large rotating disc. Package Includes: A Fidget Cube Stress Relief Cube.

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