Copper Pyramid

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Pyramids are one of the strongest shapes known to humankind. Ancient structures in this shape have lasted thousands of years and appear all over the globe, from Egypt to Spain to Peru. Since humans began building things, we have always recognized the inherent strength and everlastingness of the pyramid.

Our Copper Pyramid follows in these ancient footsteps, with a familiar shape that radiates with eternity. Its shape is a reminder that all of the powers that we draw on - from ourselves, our community, our traditions and practices, and our crystals and other sacred objects - are unending and will never run out on us. 

Many people choose to use these open pyramids to “charge” their crystals and orgone products by leaving their crystals and other natural jewelry products under a copper pyramid overnight to enhance their vibrational energies. When you set your jewelry under this pyramid, take a moment to breathe deeply and set a clear intention for your own personal energies and your crystal practices. Remember that the well will never run dry, and that you can always return to inner and outer sources of calm and strength. 

At 6 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall, this Copper Pyramid is also great for storing or displaying your crystals!

Height: 4.5 inches
Width: 6 inches
Length: 6 inches

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